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Unless specified otherwise in a written contract, Multi Translations accepts and carries out work solely with the terms below:

  1. The Client must order the job in writing. Multi reserves the right not to start the job until it has received the written order, and it will regard the date of the order as the day when the written order is received. The written order must contain the following: a) full description of the work ordered, b) the requested completion date, c) full information concerning the purpose for which the Client intends to use the job delivered by Multi. If the Client does not indicate in writing the purpose for which it intends to use the text, Multi will produce a raw translation suitable for information purposes. Multi will complete the job on the specified completion date, at or before a pre-agreed time. Multi will deliver the completed job to the Client by e-mail, fax or charge-free courier service.
  2. Translation: where translation is requested without text editing, Multi will produce a raw translation suitable for information purposes.
  3. Multi provides text editing only by separate order. Multi usually undertakes linguistic or technical text editing, or linguistic and technical text editing, the latter being charged at twice the text editing rate. Where the order is for text editing alone, Multi will inspect the material in advance and consult with the Client, and may charge Multi’s translation rate for editing of text translated elsewhere. In the interests of technical accuracy of the text, the Client may request a particular technical text editor.
  4. Translation and text editing is charged at a rate per 1000 letters as measured in the Microsoft Word word processor. (Tools/Word Count/Number of characters). Any reference to a “page” in an official communication by Multi will mean 1000 characters as defined above. Multi does not attempt to put 1000 characters on each side of paper, and so the number of pages charged for may differ considerably from the number of paper pages in the printed document.
  5. Complaints about the quality of the job may be made within two working days of delivery of the job in the case of an urgent job and five working days in the case of a normal job. The Client must clearly mark, in detail, any inaccuracies in the translated text which it considers unsatisfactory. Multi will not be obliged to accept general complaints concerning quality. The Client must give Multi a reasonable (physically feasible) time to have the defects corrected. If Multi corrects the defects within a reasonable time, the Client may not request any reduction in price. Failure to consult on stylistic corrections or special terminology (especially terminology unique to an industry or company) will not qualify as faults. Multi will not be required to translate abbreviations which the Client did not explain when submitting the document. The same applies to names of companies and institutions. Multi will not be responsible for the correctness of translations of illegible, meaningless or incomprehensible text.

Multi will notify the Client immediately in case of force majeure. The occurrence of force majeure will authorise both the Client and Multi to cancel the contract. The Client will be obliged to pay the price of work already done and Multi’s associated expenses.

  1. Multi undertakes to carry out the job it has accepted in satisfactory quality within the completion date, and the Client undertakes to pay the price of the completed job within 15 calendar days. Multi will be liable for damage caused by any translation errors on the basis of the general rules of civil law. It may not be required to pay compensation greater than the amount of the order. No claim for compensation or other claim will be accepted after one month has elapsed following performance of the order.
  2. Multi undertakes to treat in commercial confidence any knowledge, data or information which comes to its knowledge in the course of carrying out the work if disclosure of that knowledge, data or information may violate the Client’s commercial interests. Multi will not disclose or make accessible to a third party, and will treat in confidence any documentation or information it receives on the subject of the order unless the Client gives prior written permission to the contrary.

Matters not governed in these General Contract Terms will be subject to the Hungarian Civil Code and copyright laws.

Budapest, 1 March 2010.

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