The company Multi Szövetkezet Fordító- és Tolmácsiroda was founded in 1987. Its translation and interpreting activity covers the special areas of engineering, business, law, medicine and finance. It provides translation, interpreting and revising in more than 30 languages, and its guarantee of consistent quality stems from several decades experience and presence in the industry.

The Budapest office currently employs 6 staff (3 management, 2 financial, 1 logistics), and uses the services of 50 active translators with about 100 available in reserve.

We use only qualified translators who, wherever possible, translate into their native language. When a translation is ordered, the text is first appraised to select the translator with the right experience. The selected translator must also have the relevant software to carry out the job.

Our interpreters are also qualified to the highest standard of simultaneous interpreting in Hungary. Interpreters are selected for each job on the basis of the special skills and experience required. Our interpreters are flexible in respect of location and subject, and on request will travel to foreign locations.

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